Earlier today: breakie.

Detours take longer in Sweden. 😯 (at Gustafs, Dalarnas Län, Sweden)

Beautiful view from the other day.

#säter #sverige #sweden #borlänge #dalarna #sunset

Finally got to decorating my shelves. ☺

I think I’m in love! What you see here is not brains but dehydrated mango pieces. It has a tanginess to it but it then leads to such a great sweetness!

So we found frozen cinnamon and raison bagels. I love them with vegan butter. So good and nostalgic! ❤

Vegan butter recipe:

1 dl of oat cream
75g of coconut oil
Half a dl of canola oil
A pinch of salt

Nanas nanas nanas!

Oh and water, raw cane sugar and chocolate stevia drops.

Why does food always look like this after I mix it? It’s yummy I swear! 🙈

I’m in love with these babies. I want to try all the other flavors! #sogood

I’ve been having headaches and body pains (#fibromyalgia sucks) so I’ve been carbing up!

This and another jar was my dinner. I had coconut water, mango, banana, dates, water, coconut sugar and toffee flavored stevia drops.

It has been the best smoothie I’ve had in a while! No joke! 👌👌