Almost done with the commission. Really loved doing this.

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Sometimes inspiration takes priority and inventions happen.

I present to you key lime coconut pie. I’ll write the recipe down and share it with you soon. 😘

Late breakfast means no dinner for me.

Soyghurt, chia seeds, peanut butter, date syrup, muesli, cranberries, almonds, carob powder, goji berries and vanilla powder.

Washed it down with green tea and a peanut chocolate #Atkins bar. It’s my favorite of the flavors.

Seeing what I put in there, no wonder I’m not hungry now! 🙈 Now I’m watching Fringe with my bf. Finally got him to watch it. Such a good show!

Hello there! 👋

Dinner today was just perfect. Pasta with low sodium tomato and herb sauce. Of course it all was served accompanied with salad. So filling and healthy.

It’s been feeling like Autumn here in Sweden. Abd it made me want it to be Christmas! I love snow. ❄

Have a good one darlings!


Soyghurt, goji berries, chia seeds and dried apple bits. That’s for a simple yet sustainable breakie today. 👌

So this happened. Blueberry cinnamon bagels.

It’s filling, healthy and low on sodium. Oh and vegan.

Some of us get overly excited about a new box of dates.

When in doubt drink coconut water! I’ve been sick so better carb up and drinks lots! 😘

Is there a better way of starting the day then with lime and watermelon juice? 🍉🍋